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After testing our past shapes against other brands shape for a very long time we came out with this final shape that includes all the best features that a  pure competition slalom board should have

The Corsa is not only a WS boards, is a state of the art.

Built in full carbon in and outside pvc skins assure a stability and a durability of the product through the years with no deformations.

Lightness is farway below any other production slalom board of the market built with traditional styrofoam, and remaining stronger than ever.

Shapes and volume distribution has been studied deeply to ensure the riders a sailing with not  too much efforts and waste of energy but  keep concentrating on race tactics.

Cut out are the most innovative part with a very simple design, and they are the very new issue on these boards. We’ve been very scheptics at the beginning of the test but they come out as winners in  this choice.

Do we want to talk about the graphics?…..they are inspired to glorious italian race cars from the past. We find them amazing and we hope that you’re going to like them too