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Evo-X 165 is built in our long-lasting AST technology with a full deck EVA pad for durability as this board is mostly used by beginners and school centers. A super fun board with plenty of stability, very maneuverable and quick to get planning.

You have a choice to use it with the center-board fin or without.

The Evo-X is recommended to be the easiest board ever!



  • Full deck covered with 3mm EVA crocodile skin groove.
  • EVA Built Nose Protector for mast and shore impacts.
  • Daggerboard/powerbox fin.
  • Multiple footstrap positions (beginner and performance).
  • Neoprene strap handle on the nose for carry and tow purposes.


  • CAD-CAM designed
  • AST moulding Technology
  • Glass Epoxy deck and bottom
  • Glass crossed fiber lamination
  • Glass chop strand reinforcements on the more stressed areas
  • Multiple footstrap insert positions
  • Full EVA deck with nose bumper
  • MFC fins thruster set