Primo200 / A modern and innovative beginner shape designed with easy sailing in mind. The ultimate board for the first-time school and cruising user.

The Primo200 makes windsurfing become a very easy and quickly learning sport. You will be impressed!

Primo165 / Replica of the 99 Freeride EVO model built in ASA Toughskin-Tech. This board is the ideal playground for the first entry-level lightweight sailors, kids and women. It’s advanced, easy to sail shape helps you increase your skill level from lighter to stronger winds for your first planing jibe experience.

The central slotted daggerboard will give stability and upwind performance for beginners making safe upwind returns easier on windier days.



  • Full deck covered with 3mm EVA crocodile skin groove
  • EVA Built Nose Protector for mast impacts
  • Dagger- board
  • Multiple footstrap positions (beginner and performance)
  • Bottom integrated carry slot
  • Nose neoprene handle for carry and tow purposes


  • CAD-CAM designed
  • ASA moulding Technology
  • Glass Epoxy deck and bottom
  • Glass crossed fiber lamination
  • Glass chop strand reinforcements on the more stressed areas
  • Primo fin
  • Multiple footstrap insert positions
  • Full EVA deck with nose bumper
  • MFC fins thruster set