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For those who want radical CUT model performance but want a wider range of uses, the Quad TeamEdition returns to our collection.
Featuring a rocker lower than the CUT model, the Quad TE is born to perform even in unfavorable side / sideoff conditions.
Tip features are a quicker planing and better acceleration so that it can be used even better for jumps, reduced length with a clean outline, generous squash/round tail, and the backward footstrap position as a result of a greater volume on the tail.


  • Short length concept. All QUAD TE boards have been reduced in length by 4cm compare to the 2016 model. This together with a repositioning of the footstrap inserts, fin box and mast box makes the boards even more reactive in down the line sailing and allows the rider to attack the very critical part of the wave in the ‘’pocket’’ section.
  • Volumes have been redistributed inside the shape with more thickness on the back foot to stand more vertically while sailing. Rails in the nose area also now have more volume to increase performance in round house cut backs.
  • Hull. A double concave fading into a single concave toward the tail .
  • Construction. A PVC double sandwich, with double thickness in the most stressed areas combined with a biax+unidirectional carbon layup gives the boards the best compromise in terms of light weight, strength and durability
  • MFC Quad fins.

100% Made in Italy


  • CAD/CAM shape
  • 15kg./m3 EPS core
  • Full Pvc sandwich construction
  • Double sandwich in the most stressed area
  • unidirectional+biax carbon inner layup step area
  • Full Biax carbon deck layup
  • Unidirectional carbon step area
  • Full 130 S-glass bottom layup
  • 6’’ US rear fin Boxes + 4’’ US front fin boxes
  • Dual density footpads with shock absorbers
  • MFC KS300 quad fins set